About me

Emanuela is an Italian visual artist and comics creator who lives in Tuscany.

She graduated with honors in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Siena and for sixteen years she was Vice-President of of a cooperative which dealt with the cataloging and management of Cultural Heritage.

Subsequently she decided to dedicate her life to artistic creation, inspired by the passion for Cinema and Art History. Her main artistic interest focuses above all on extraordinary artists active in the first half of the 20th century and often overlooked by Art History Books such as Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Emilio Pettoruti, Leon Spilliaert, André Lothe, Jean Metzinger, Stanislav Szukalski, Pavel Tchelitchew, Yuri Annenkov and many others.

In 2018, her passion for cinema and therefore for storytelling through images, brought her closer to the world of comics and she began to get noticed by the comics industry. She has published as a sole author for the British publisher Markosia Enterprises the graphic novels “The Horizon Cafe” (2020) and “The Evil Deer” (2021) and her first “all ages” story
“Luna and a Special Night ” will be released for the American publisher Scout Comics and Simon & Shusters in 2024.

She is currently taking a break from comics and focusing on gouache, ink and graphite works on paper. She deals with figurative art and her latest works are “metaphysical” compositions where the female figure, often inspired by the 40s and 50s, is always present and in consonance with figurative elements, often geometric. Her figures often have a melancholy connotation, also marked by lines that come down from their eyes.

Music is very important for Emanuela, in fact many of her works have song titles, which accompany her in creative process even if her interest is not in translating the meaning of the song into images but create a bond, even a dissonant one, with the essence of the musical piece.